Bring on the gravatars

Today I have updated this site with Gravatar so that all you nice folks that leave me comments (you know who you are) can now also include an avatar. Gravatar ( Gloabally Recognized Avatar ) allows you to store an 80 x 80 pixel image on their servers. They even have a nice tool to help you crop your image. Then each time you leave a comment on a gravatar enabled site, it will automatically add your avatar, based on your email address.

Sounds nice, where do i sign up?
To signup, just go to pop in your email address, upload a picture, and you are ready to go.

Run your own blog and want to add gravatars?
The good team at gravatar have created plugins for most of the popular blogging engines, so just head over to and download the plugin for your site.

Edit (15-08-2007): there appears to be an issue with Gravatar not always displaying pictures. I have taken them down until I can be sure that they are gonna work,  if anyone has any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue, please let me know.


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