Goals to achieve before the end of 2007

Two posts in one day… wow!!! I was going to leave this post for another day, but since I have already written it, why procrastinate anymore. Here is a list of my current goals. Now while non of them are really anything new, it is time that I write them down in a place where I can access them later. Also if I post them here, maybe I will feel more motivated to make sure they get done. Each goal is set out in the following format: Name, why I want to do this, when I want to accomplish the goal, how the goal is measurable or can be considered successfully complete.

1. Learn Ruby on Rails
Why: I have been working on this for a month or two now, but I want to get as in-depth a knowledge as I can because it is such a fantastic programming method and I plan on making it my focus point for future projects.
Due: I am a bit of perfectionist, so I will probably never feel I know everything I want to, but by the end of the year I want to have completed reading the books I already have, and be confident enough to take on any project that is thrown at me.
Measured by: Finished reading books, read as much as I can from the web, made at least one workable app, and written up help documents to teach others.

2. Compete GTD application
Why: So that I will have a central storage/managment point for all my tasks and goals, as well as become more productive and organised. Also helps to fulfil my goal of creating at least one RoR app this year. For more details on this project refer to my last post.
Due: Stage one – end of September, Stage two – end of December
Measured by: Stage one and stage two specifications

3. Blog more
Why: Share knowledge and improve my writing
Due: This is kinda never ending, but for now I will set this frequency until the end of this year.
Measured by: At least one blog entry a week.

4. Save money
Why: Why would you not want to save money? The key reason being so that I can travel overseas at the end of next year.
Due: $8K by November next year – thats a pretty tough goal for me, so let’s see how we go.
Measured by: Ummm not spending the money in my savings account, and putting in at least $250 a fortnight…ouch.

5. Study interface design (and usability)
Why: Refresher for design, to learn good practices and so that my applications are so easy to use that people will WANT to use them.
Due: 01 November 2007
Measurable by: Reading all the books I have, doing some research on usability and interface design and writing some blog articles about it

6. Study Information Architecture
Why: To get a better understanding for how to structure information, competitive advantage, to make better applications.
Due: 15 December 2007
Measurable by: Reading all the books I have, doing some research and writing some blog articles about it.

7. Complete another two projects by the end of the year
Why: To work towards my goal of running my own business, expand my skills, knowledge , experience, and network. (also i really like working on new projects)
Due: 31st December 2007
Measured by: Completing two projects (one of them can be my GTD project, if I get it to the state where other people can download and use it). If you would like to suggest another project, please leave it in the comments, or send me an email.

I will post some info on setting, managing, and meeting your goals when I get a chance. Until then if you are looking for help on setting goals make a post below or send me an email and I will be more then happy to help out.


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