Forcing a restart/shutdown using VMware

VMware allows you to run additional operating systems, and virtual machines on your computer. I use it so that I can run Windows XP on my Macbook, which usually works a treat.

However when booting it up recently it got stuck on the loading screen and trying to force a shutdown or restart via the menu did nothing. As I had it set to automatically save the session, reopening the virtual machine just resulted in it opening up the frozen window.

Thanks to the kind folks at the local mac shop we managed to find a solution -

  1. Open up the virtual machine
  2. Select preferences from the VMware top menu
  3. Set it to turn off the machine on shutdown (instead of suspend)
  4. Shutdown VMware and open it up again

Hope this is helpful for anyone else who comes across the problem.

P.S. I think the reason that the machine froze in the first place was due to having an external hard drive or wireless modem plugged in when I booted up, to prevent it happening again I now unplug devices before booting up.

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