Three Key Things To Look For In A Web Developer

Web standards, CSS, Upgradable System With thousands of businesses promoting web design and development services, it can be hard to know what to look for. Other than the obvious method of looking at their previous work and deciding if you like their design style, there are many other important factors you should consider. Here is a short list of three key things that you should ensure your web developer has no matter how big or small your project is.

Follows web standards

This is important for a number of reasons. First of all it helps to ensure that your site is accessible to the largest number of users possible. This includes users with disabilities as well as search engines. Secondly, it helps to ensure that your site loads quickly and isn’t padded out with unnecessary code. And thirdly, it helps to ensure that your site is future proof and compatible in a variety of browser and different platforms. With new browsers and internet capable devices (such as the iPhone) coming out every couple of months, you don’t want to have to keep redoing your website every time a new technology comes out.

Uses CSS and not inline styles or table based layouts

CSS allows a developer to separate the design component of a page (for example colours and styles) from the actual content (i.e. the text). By doing this not only is the code cleaner, but it also means that changes to the visual appearance of your site can be done in minutes and are effective throughout every page in your site, instead of having to update each and every file to match. In regards to using tables for layout, not only does this breach web standards, but they also pad out the code of your website making it slower and harder for screen readers and search engines such as Google to read.

System can easily be upgraded as your business needs grow

There’s no point in getting a website developed that you have to redo from scratch 6 months later as your business needs change. Make sure that the system is flexible enough that new features and content can be added as required. This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


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