101 things to do in 1001 days

Sick of sitting at home every weekend daydreaming of the things I want to do it, but waiting for someone to do them with me, I have decided to make an effort to do some of the many things I would like to do in my lifetime. Based on the 101 things in 1001 days project, here is my list. (I haven’t been able to come up with 101 things yet, but here are the first 71).

My completion date will be: 19 December 2011
(which still gives me time to make another list to complete before i’m 30)

1. Go scuba diving
2. Go kayaking
3. Go white water rafting
4. Try indoor rock climbing 11 May 2010
5. Do archery again
6. Go hiking (overnight trek) 4 July 2010
7. Go to a concert
8. Go bowling and get a score over 120
9. Sail a boat/yacht
10. Complete an Ice trek completed August 2009
11. Go Surfing
12. Go Rock climbing
13. Play tennis
14. Go kite surfing
15. Go to New Zealand (trip planned for Aug 2009)
16. Spend 3 days on an island
17. Go camping
18. Plan overseas trip for 2010
19. Take a 3 day nature/live off the land trip
20. See a professional ice hockey game
21. Go on a roadtrip
22. Go to one of the Whitsunday islands
23. Go fishing
24. Go visit Tim and Hunter
25. Travel to at least 3 countries
26. Buy shares
27. Buy a house completed 23rd Dec 2009
28. Run 5km
29. Complete 100 pushups challenge
30. Do 3 workouts a week, for a month.
31. Hit 56kg.
32. Tone up arms
33. Tone stomach
34. Read 100 books [10/100] 35. Write an e-book
36. Do a first aid course
37. Learn meditation
38. Learn a martial art / defence
39. Hold a seminar / teach a course completed 13/10/2009
40. Write 100 blog posts [22/100] 41. Find a mentor
42. Student work experience / charity project
43. Donate blood completed 5/8/2009
44. Donate old clothes to charity
45. Setup vegie garden
46. Plant fruit trees
47. Cook dinner 7 nights in a row
48. Paint a picture
49. Write my will
50. Drink a cocktail on a beach
51. Host a dinner party
52. Host a poker night
53. Get my boating licence
54. Bake a loaf of bread
55. Kiss in the rain
56. Eat vegetarian for a week
57. Watch a sun rise
58. Watch a sun set
59. Spend a day getting pampered
60. Spend a day pampering someone else
61. Stargaze
62. Cook marshmallows on a fire
63. Go 2 weeks without eating take-away
64. Find a new hobby
65. Write a letter to favourite author
66. Attend a gala ball (with a date in a suit)
67. Take someone out to dinner
68. Finish writing 101 list.
69. Get business revenue over $100,000
70. Setup new office
71. Hire another employee

Added after initial list

72. Make it to the top of Castle Hill without passing out / stopping completed 2/8/2009
Build a deck on my new house
74. Build a fence
75. Read from a hammock
76. Do a fun run. (maybe, decide after reaching 5km run goal)
77. Buy a BBQ
78. Make pasta from scratch
79. Hinchinbrook hike
80. Get a dog


Update 06/12/2011 – completed 28/80

Have any suggestions to add, or want to join me? Post a comment below.


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